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Skunkwirkz llc SLickloader is a Pennsylvania based company started solely to produce a simple design of speed loader that does not damage your ammo, or require pumping or cranking to jam the ammo into your magazines. We have came up with a simple design that "wirkz" so slick we had to name it "The Slickloader"

We have models that fit the Colt M4/M16 .22lr, Beretta ARX160 .22, H&K416 .22lr, ATI GSG MP522 .22lr Remington  Viper 522, Mossberg BLaze 22 & Blaze47 GSG 1911 22 GSG AK47 22, UZI 22lr Chippa M4 22lr
The Slickloader comes with a loading alignment tray and a tough durable abs cap to fit your particular firearm.
Once the cap is mounted on to your magazine and the loading tube is full of ammo,  all that is left to do is pull down on the load assist buttons on your magazine and let the rounds slide right on in! With out damaging your precious ammo or causing premature wear to your magazines.
Our Patented simple design allows you to avoid the pain of fumbling with those tiny .22lr rounds.
So if your a person that likes to shoot thousands of rounds in one sitting or one that just has difficulty manipulating those pesky little rounds the"Slickloader" will prove to be "One Slick Loader!"
We strive to make the Slickloader a perfect addition to your range gear!
We Like to hear from you ,so drop us a Line at and let us know how were doing or suggest the next addition to our magazine loader line!